Berkley Academy was established in September 2008 with the mission of providing an international standard, student-centered, small learning community for students. The Berkley Inquiry Curriculum incorporates the Nigerian and International Elementary standards, as well as Berkley Life Skills, to equip children for global leadership. Our Science Magnet program uses instructional strategies that focus on higher level questioning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Our students investigate and discover in the process of learning, and are able to apply learned skilled in real life situations. Though we teach all students, we truly teach one child at a time by identifying and meeting the peculiar need(s) of the child, using one-on-one meetings  and differentiated instruction during general classes.


At Juilliard, we aim to provide a safe and exciting learning environment for our students. We believe we are in partnership with all stakeholders to provide academic and social excellence, which will allow each child maximize their potential, and participate successfully in global leadership. 

Our students are exposed to rigorous but fun, national and international standard curricula. We ensure that they are at the forefront in external assessments. Our GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) program provides individualized instruction for gifted students in the core curriculum areas. 

Our college program is world class. Our students are prepared for success in national and international college placement. We are working to raise world leaders in different facets of life.